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Life can be a joy!

"My Life is a Joy to me"

Author Carolyn Ringger

The real secret to life, is understanding that it never will be perfect!

The expectation that it should be is what causes much of our suffering and unhappiness in this world.

We may not be able to change some of our circumstances or surroundings, but we can change our perception and reaction.

How do we do that?

How can we view our lives as joyful, when the world constantly screams the opposite?

In Carolyn's Book and CD alpha relaxation programming series, we find a beautiful mixture of understanding both the physical and spiritual side of our mind and ourselves.

"The Battle for the Minds of Men" is underway!

Just as we focus on eating healthy and cleansing our bodies from impurity, so must we too focus on cleansing or erasing toxic, harmful thoughts and beliefs from our minds.

Carolyn Ringger writes " We are all MENTAL GARDENERS...we become what we think!"

More than just a book, the CD series focuses on Alpha wave guided meditations. These relaxation sessions help you relax and absorb positive affirmations which help erase negative patterns.

Each CD in the 15 series is designed to be listened to for 21 days each.


"I like myself better! I handle life's daily pressures better. I do not get uptight like before"

-Beth Ball, Mesa

"This material has helped my marriage more than anything else"


"Doing the Alpha re-programming has stopped my depression cycles brought on by the great trials, turbulence and trauma in my life"

-Darlene, New Mexico

Carolyn's work in helping the mind overcome negative thoughts is ground breaking and a joy to use.

Thank you Carolyn for all your hard work

Written by

Tara Wood

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