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Seminars & Coaching

Emotional CPR Seminars

A Life-changing 4 hour workshop, designed to gently awaken hurt, resentment and anger; and transform emotional memories to peace and love.

" As each layer of fear is triggered, and you use the mental, emotional, and verbal tools shared in this book, you will "feel" layers of accumulated hurt, resentment, anger, and self-doubt simply begin to let go. You will often feel a release of negative energy, a lightening of a heavy emotional load, as your human feelings are "validated" and the hurt feelings "let go".
Faith Unpuzzled Seminar

Awaken and learn powerful truths in this presentation. You will benefit from my 35-year journey in gathering missing pieces in what I call "Faith Unpuzzled". 

"You are a Spiritual Receiving Set...

You receive Thoughts or Impressions Into Your heart..

..Your Mind"

"You are a living receiving set. You can receive your promptings from God, or you can attune yourself to the negative whispering of the Spoiler. Thoughts create emotions in your body which affect your actions."


This fun class is directed to our youth. For the last 30 years, Carolyn has also been teaching kids how to watch and guard against negative thinking. Carolyn uses imagery, role-playing and interactive exercises to help the youth gain mastery over their thoughts and emotions. (30 min)

Please contact Carolyn for more information on prices for your event.


Phone: 801.326.9886 

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