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Carolyn Pearce Ringger has given presentations to missionaries, women's conferences, four prison facilities, a girl's home, public schools, and firesides for over 28 years.

Faith Unpuzzled, Reaching Toward Heaven, My Life Is A Joy To Me, and How to Turn Life's Negatives Into Positives (audio) have blessed thousands of lives.

Carolyn & Family

Carolyn with some of her children and grandchildren


Coming from a large family, Carolyn has enjoyed years of closeness with her sisters.

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These works have helped me meet and overcome problems in my own life. I know that they can also help you in yours because they are based on true principles of faith as found in the scriptures and in messages from our leaders.

These books and CD's presented here are not a part of any formal church program, nor are they intended as such. Rather, they are simply the answers which I was given for my own personal and family use, which worked for us.

Since being led to publishing these materials, many others have also found them to be of value in their own lives. I have been invited to speak from California to Maryland, from Canada to Mexico, and many have told me afterward how valuable these materials have influenced their lives.

This website is presented out of my deep desire that you may truly experience for yourself the Divine miracles that flow from... Faith Unpuzzled... and truly praise God as you deeply sense and proclaim within your heart... My Life is A Joy to Me.

Thank You for your time, interest and love for the Lord.



Husband Ted Curtis is multi-talented and has done a lot of valuable research on Gospel topics.

​I felt it important that I introduce myself so that you would understand the circumstances under which My Life Is A Joy and Faith Unpuzzled publications came into being. Neither work was premeditated or pre-planned. Rather, they grew spontaneously, when I sought the Lord's help in meeting and mastering a need in my own life. Further inspired works, Reaching Toward Heaven and Emotional CPR grew out of the emotional needs I saw around me. I have felt myself being led in all things that I have done.


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