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Faith Unpuzzled Slide Show

Be A Thought Cop Slide Show

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Faith Unpuzzled

Faith Unpuzzled products
are designed to unveil:
- the power of Faith
- what Faith is and how it works
- the 10 step process to achieve your  

- and how to easily use the power of Faith

Faith Unpuzzled Book
Faith Unpuzzled Talk Audio CD 1

Faith Unpuzzled Talk Audio CD 2

Reaching Toward Heaven

Reaching Toward Heaven Book

Reaching Toward Heaven is the "story" form" equivalent of Faith Unpuzzled.

" will learn for yourself that miracles have not ceased. The Lord cares for his children as much today as he ever has, and only their doubts and fears stay his hand."


My Life Is A Joy

My Life is a Joy to Me Book

Alpha Relaxation Programming CD series

My Life Is A Joy

products are designed to unveil:
- the programming power you exert over

  your "mind computer"

- 77% of our life is made up of either   

   negative or positive self-talk

- how to be your own "Mental Gardener"
- and how to easily delete the negative 

  thoughts and download positive 


Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR

- Adventure into learning how feelings affect and guide your life. Within the pages of this book is material that will uncover your real authentic loving self.

"Thought is electrical energy or "Vibration" that quickly enters the brain, and stimulates the creation of matching molecules of emotion."

Emotional CPR Book
Emotional CPR  Audio CD


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